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"I contacted SFS Therapy regarding my Bruxism(teeth grinding) in the hope that I could get this stopped as I have done this in my sleep since a child. Once I had met with Sue and spoke about a few things, we realised the best way to approach this was to tackle my ongoing anxiety. I hadn’t even linked Bruxism to my anxiety, but as soon as we started getting into it, it was clear that this is what was the cause.
I had only two sessions which were a complete success. I found the therapy process fascinating, effective and empowering. It’s so cool how the brain can heal a situation with the aid of this type of BWRT therapy.
Now that little inner bully telling me I can’t or I’m not good enough has gone and I can’t begin to explain how good that feels."

- G.P., Swindon


"I have had many issues and demons that I haven’t properly been able to address in my life, which began in childhood, and although I have attended various counselling courses over the years I haven’t found these helpful, in fact it made me even more desperate and angry and I dropped out of most of them.
At 53 years I felt all hope was gone and that I would remain in my emotional rollercoaster world for the rest of my life.
Then I was introduced to Barbara Shead and Brainworking Recursive Therapy and even from the initial consultation I was very hopeful.
Within a very short amount of time I want to shout to the world that Darren is finally BEATING his demons, and the whole world could speak to Barbara Shead to sort out their troubles."

- Mr DW., Southend


"I contacted Mary Bowmer on the off chance as I was suffering quite badly with health anxiety, PTSD symptoms, after having breast cancer 7 years ago. Mary replied promptly, assuring me that she had indeed been able to help people with similar issues.
My first appointment was long and very in-depth, but very insightful and there were times when I thought I am not actually sure how this will help me the next time I have a big anxiety attack, but on the 4th and final session it all came together.
I would highly recommend Mary for anyone who is looking for this kind of therapy. Mary’s manner, approach and knowledge are second to none.

- Emma Forsey


"I've never been able to go and have my blood pressure done or bloods taken without passing out or having anxiety attacks. Last year (2017) I saw Sue Learoyd-Smith for help with this. I had a blood pressure test and blood test booked for that afternoon. I went for my appointment and even went in really calm. They did my bloods and blood pressure and I didn't have any anxiety or pass out. I've since had 4 more tests in the last year and I have been fine on every single one. I do recommend this because I used to get in such a state, or even when I didn't know and they would try to do a test on the spur of the moment it felt like I would stop breathing. But now I go in and am fine."

- Caroline B (Swindon)


"I went to Mary Bowmer for some BWRT for anxiety at work, and it has worked wonders! I realised through talking to Mary that the way I was feeling going into work wasn't helping me be productive, but I seemed to be stuck in this loop of thought. Mary explained how the brain worked, and we did the BWRT. My brain felt a little 'fuzzy' afterwards and I could tell something was happening. Lo and behold, next time I went into work I was remembering I felt all of those things before, but I couldn't access the feelings any longer. Instead, I was feeling confident and was looking forward to getting stuck in. I really enjoy work now. Thank you Mary!"

- Arti Kakkad - Milton Keynes


"I had struggled with a very strong gambling addiction for over 8 years which had also led to strong bouts of depression, social awkwardness and anxiety. I realised I needed help in some form as I had reached a very dark place and although was very sceptical at first, I made an attempt and decision to contact Sue to make an appointment. Sue is a very friendly, understanding and likeable person who made me feel at ease straight away. I found myself being able to open up and be completely honest with her immediately.
I had a total of four sessions with Sue as well as a final 20 minute catch up session and am amazed at how much I have achieved and changed. It is still early days I guess but can honestly say, my thought process and life has changed for the better. I would recommend Sue without a shadow of a doubt to anyone."

- Michael - Swindon


"I visited Karen for my facial blushing anxiety - I have suffered from facial blushing for around 8 years and even tho this has improved throughout the years I still suffer from anxiety in situations where I would usually blush. Karen was so friendly and such a lovely lady but was also very professional and made me feel so at ease. We did the BWRT method and for me it worked wonders - I visited Karen twice altogether and can honestly say my anxiety has improved unbelievably. I cannot thank Karen enough - she's such a lovely lady who is amazing at her profession."

- Katie M


"Went to see Karen to help me with my anxiety around my relationship and an upcoming interview. I was very sceptical at first as I had been dealing with my problems for the past 10 years. All I can say is WOW! Amazing therapy! Karen used BWRT with me on two occasions and I can honestly say it has worked and helped me so much. If you are having issues around anxiety I can highly recommend seeing Karen to help you with your issues, Karen a lovely lady and very easy to talk to. She has truly helped me out and it’s changed my life. Well worth the money! Thanks again Karen!"

- Rachel M


"After suffering severe anxiety problems that had stopped me from working, socialising and leading a normal life, I contacted Jennifer Kelly after a recommendation from a work colleague. I had weekly sessions that incorporated BWRT techniques that I found very useful in order to overcome the anxieties I had carried with me for a long time.

Working with Jennifer was always satisfying due to her knowledge, understanding and super- professionalism. I felt relaxed, comfortable and she gave me immediate confidence that I could make the changes that I wanted due to her positive outlook. She was very organised and focused within the sessions so that the time was maximised and always available should I need any help in between the sessions I had. I am now moving forward with my life and feeling very happy and confident with what the future holds and this is thanks to Jennifer and the work she did with me."

- RE, Marbella, Spain


"I was hoping that BWRT would be of some help with my anxiety levels but could not have imagined just how effective it would be, nor how quickly it would have an effect. I can honestly say that it feels as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not only that, with the self-help strategies I now know, I am much better equipped to deal with difficult situations which will no doubt present themselves in the future.

The fact that the therapy is science-based was very appealing, as was the fact that you don’t have to discuss difficult memories unless, or until, you wish to. I would have no hesitation in undergoing the therapy again in the future if I needed to. I can’t thank you enough, Steve Parker, for helping me to overcome what seemed to be a completely insurmountable problem."

- KP, Lincolnshire


"I have always appeared to my friends, family and colleagues as outgoing and confident. Well it appears not this is not always the case. I was recently appointed as Chairperson for a committee. I was used to speaking at meetings as a member, but all of a sudden this was something different! I had to speak to everybody with some authority.

So, I had Focussed session with Jo Cook. Not for hypnotherapy as I have done before, she explained how BWRT® worked and worked on my confidence problem. She managed to get deep into my mind and clear out somethings that had always been bothering me. Result! The meeting was a resounding success and I was praised by all for my preparation and control of the meeting.’ Thanks Jo!"

- Paula


"Like many ladies, I have struggled for years with weight loss issues. Also like many others, I have found it very hard to sustain any loss I achieved. And I wanted to change. So when I discovered that Jo Cook at Bright Butterfly had a hypnotherapy programme tailored to weight loss I was immediately interested. The claim that BWRT could rewire my neural pathways in one short session seemed too good to be true, but I was willing to give it a try.

What a therapy! I now have the skills and tools to successfully lose weight. The emotional barriers that held me back in the past have been removed. I have confidence, energy, am mentally at ease and my weight is falling steadily. I am happier in my own skin and know that long term weight loss is now very achievable - all thanks to Jo's amazing BWRT and other therapies."

- Pat


"A huge thank you Jane Williams for helping with my fear of flying I cannot thank you enough for opening up so many new adventures in my future! You are a star who I will recommend without a doubt!"

- C. Lowery, Essex


"Our 11 year old daughter suffered an embarrassing incident whilst in assembly at school. She went from being a very outgoing and happy girl to scared and anxious.

We had a hard time getting her into school most days. We booked her in to see Keith, who was fantastic with her, made her feel comfortable and at ease. After one session of BWRT® and a few days back at school everything was better and we had our outgoing, happy daughter back.

We really couldn't recommend Keith highly enough. Thank you so much."

- LR, Beds


"I was in a bad way having severe stress with a work related issues. I was in tears most days, not sleeping at night n finding it hard to go into work. I went to see Keith, who with his calming manner helped me to deal with this stress using BWRT®. I found Keith to be very easy to talk to. I didn't feel anxious going to see him.

He talked me through each stage calmly and clearly. Since my session I no longer have the anxiety I felt and can now deal with work with a clearer mind set, without getting upset. I can highly recommend this type of therapy. No hypnosis is involved and it's incredible what a difference it has made to my life."

- ST, Beds


"I Cannot thank Mary enough for all the help that she has given me. She is an amazing BWRT practioner as well as a very talented hypnotherapist. The sessions that Mary has done with me have been extremely effective in helping me cope better with my Attention Deficit Disorder and associated anxiety, disorganisation, impulsiveness, procrastination and chronic lateness. At times I have found juggling my own mental illness as well as being a single mother to a young child to be quite overwhelming.

After having just a few BWRT sessions I could start to see amazing results as all my symptoms improved, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Mary to anyone. If you are in any doubt as to whether Inner space therapy would help you, I would definitely say go for it and see how it can change your life for the better."

- Kitty


"A few months ago I was really struggling with generalised anxiety; both my work and social life was suffering.

I struggled in meetings and had no confidence in my performance and as a result my performance really suffered. Having tried many other therapies, Alan suggested BWRT.

Right from the first of the four sessions I noticed significant changes. I have recently changed jobs and am performing well, and am even looking at promotion already.

The therapy has literally changed my life for the better and the speed of these changes has been incredible, the changes were virtually instant. I feel I have my life back and I can now reach my true potential. Thank you."

- David, Wiltshire


"I would like to submit the following testimony for the website please:I have a 17 year old daughter who has suffered with anxiety from about the age of 9. Thanks to a couple of Skype BWRT sessions with Paul Mountford she is now able to deal with situations she used to find difficult without getting anxious and is more positive towards her future now the anxiety no longer has such a huge grip on her. My daughter and I are very grateful to Paul for his help and would recommend him to anyone who has something that's holding them back in life. Thanks Paul!"

- Cindy Stallard


"I'd mentioned to Bob Bees about my lifelong fear of spiders, and that it was something I wanted to conquer. We had spoken about hypnotherapy, though I was rather intrigued by what Bob had told me of the relatively new therapy called Brainworking. So I decided to give it a try.

I left the session on a high, and I felt as though I was looking forward to having my first meeting with a spider (which seemed a bit of a weird thought, as I never would have wished for this before my session - quite the opposite)!

Over the many years of having a spider phobia I'd often thought about going for some sort of therapy to help me get over it and I'm so pleased therefore, Bob, that you introduced me to Brainworking. I thoroughly recommend it. What a fabulous way to help someone move on - quickly, efficiently, painlessly, effectively, naturally!"

- Lesley Hallows, Sussex - Publisher, Wellbeing Magazine


"Hi Laura, since seeing you for BWRT I notice a huge improvement with heights. On balconies, ladders, standing on a stool to change a light, going to the attic, are all now no bother. Some of these would have caused me serious stress & even would have balked at them in the past. The positive thought is now in the front of my mind..."

- Sheila, Co. Mayo


"I am amazed with the results from attending just one session of BrainWorkking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) with Gillian Sinchlair as a client in Bahrain.

I suffered from PMS, skin picking problems, and uncomfortable feeling prior to prepare any presentation since ages, and decided to sort it out. So, I saw Gillian who explained the BWRT method she is using currently with her clients and achieving positive results after only one session. She conducted the BWRT method for me during the session, immediately after the session I felt amazingly lighter and happier. I wrote back to Gillian after 6 days of therapy, giving her my feedback as I stopped skin picking, PMS was much smoother this time, and preparing for my next presentations comfortably and enthusiastically.

I am completely thrilled and pleased with the outcome and I thank Gillian for helping me out with the issues I had."

- Layla Ebrahim, Bahrain


"I have been visiting Barbara Shead for the last few months for Brainworking Recursive Therapy for a few problems I have been suffering with, including heights, grief, anxiety and driving fear. BWRT really does work! I was very sceptical at first as I have had these problems for many years, but after my first session I was amazed my fear of heights had gone. I am more confident driving and I am going to take my first trip abroad on a plane.

This has totally changed my way of thinking and my life. Barbara is very professional at her work and I would definitely recommend Barbara. Thank you Barbara!"

- Wendie


"Laura, just to say thank you so much for your intervention which after 20 years of trying I finally let go and learnt to swim. I had severe anxiety and had tried everything to help me. Holidays will be much more fun now!"

- Margaret, Co. Mayo


"I found BWRT therapy to be a highly effective technique which helped me to find strength in situations that once would have caused great anxiety. I felt more in touch with myself after this therapy and I love that I can access the techniques at any time. I also loved how quickly this therapy takes to work. You can go from a situation that once caused great pain, to a place of calm so quickly.

I really loved the speed at which this therapy works. This therapy has given me tools which I will use indefinitely. Evelyne was a fantastic, supportive person to work with and has helped me immeasurably."

- L.S. Dubai


"I am a DJ and music producer. I have been making music for the last 10 years and its my absolute passion. About 12 months ago my music production started to suffer when I kept deciding i hated every track I started to work on. I’d like it on the day I started but then when I listened to it the next day I’d almost feel ashamed of it and scrap the whole thing.

A friend of mine suggested I try BWRT, which I’d never heard of before. I have since had 4 tracks released on some big record labels and more due to be released later in the year, whilst making more and more tracks that I love!

I am so grateful I heard about BWRT and went to see Laura McDonald, I hope I never go back to the rut I was in before but if i do I will be straight back to see Laura again to sort me out!"

- Mark R., Clapham Junction, London


"I have suffered from a severe needle phobia all my life and simple blood test would reduce me to panic and tears.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and the next year would be picc lines chemotherapy blood tests operations and injections! All I could think about was how many needles and how was I going to cope through the needles the cancer worry was almost secondary.

I wasn’t convinced words and one session was ever going to be so life changing. But after just one session with you off I went to the hospital for a blood test. No tears, no panic... nothing!"

- Paula Davies


"BWRT has changed my life for the better and I have so much confidence in me I can speak to people now without hesitation. Whenever it does decide to creep back my brain is already doing the exercises we trained it to do. Was in a very unhappy Unconfident lifestyle and state of mind, but with this I have became a new person. I Still can't get over how it worked and made me feel 110% better, confident and happier."

- Danielle Walters


"Fozia - thank you. I walked into your rooms for the first time with limited confidence, extreme anger, hurt, resentment and above everything guilt. Through the Brain work recursive exercises I felt my body lessen with tension. I remember going back to a particular moment in my past, immediately tears fell, I got an intense headache, my body dropped, through repeating the exercises I have learnt to let that hurt and guilt remain in my past.

Thanking you once again, you have changed my life."

- J.C. South Africa


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Claire Gaskin for the help I received whist attending therapy. I had previously attended therapy at a few places, but was always left with a feeling of unfinished business. I am glad to say that this wasn't the case with Claire. The BWRT structure & Claire's professionalism put me at ease and will be remembered by myself for many years.

If I'm honest, I was not in a good place prior to this therapy, the future wasn't something I looked forward to or indeed expected. But with Claire's understanding and guidance I feel that I do have a future and I can make a difference.

BWRT has changed my life!"

- Robbie Eddington


"As a doctor, I felt skeptical, even suspicious about the use of complimentary therapies. Unless there was a tablet I could throw at the situation, I wasn't interested. That is, until, I found myself in the unfortunate (though enlightening) position of being the patient, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started seeing Renie Price at my local cancer support centre upon the suggestion of a Macmillan nurse.

I had mentioned that I had a particular fear of general anaesthetics and this was making the lead up to my mastectomy even worse. She suggested a session of BWRT in the week before my operation. As i left the session i felt grateful Renie had tried to address the issue, but was not convinced it would help. To my amazement I lay on the operating table 5 days later feeling completely calm!

I am now waxing lyrical to my doctor colleagues about the advantages of Renie's therapy in the holistic treatment of the whole person. "

- A.T. London


"What I liked about working with BWRT is that I did not feel 'stuck in the therapy'. It is kind of a 'quick fix' yet with deep work happening. I physiologically felt my brain participating with rich visuals, imageries and sensations during the sessions. I felt much more confident and I'm looking forward to putting into practice my new knowledge."

- M., Dubai


"I asked Sue Learoyd-Smith for help with secondary gain. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and the only way I can describe 'coming through the other end' is ending up like a shipwreck. Parts were battered and bruised hanging off and barely functioning.

Sue was fantastic, she made sense of my jumbled thoughts and after just one session I felt a complete shift in attitude. I had 4 sessions of BWRT in total, the last to mop up any wayward thoughts. Every day it got easier and easier until a couple of weeks after my therapy ended I suddenly realised during a health review that I'd not thought about cancer, not one iota thought – simply WOW!"

- Lisa Cope


"I had never had BWRT before but visited Sue of SFS Therapy to help me resolve some issues related to my weight and help me on my weight loss journey. I found Sue totally professional and she explained how BWRT works in a clear and easy to understand way. I also liked the fact that I didn't have to try and verbalise my innermost thoughts but could still benefit from the process. I was really impressed with how quickly it worked and found it very effective and still do. I would definitely have BWRT again and recommend both SFS Therapy and BWRT to friends who were in need of help."

- Lisa Cope


"This is not like any other therapy I have tried. I found Debbie Clover's explanation of how BWRT works really fascinating. It all sounds so simple. I can't believe more people are not having this type of therapy.

I really think this is the way forward as it is amazing how quick it works and the fact that you do not have to share your private thoughts will surely benefit lots of people with problems that they find difficult to discuss. I advise anyone to give this innovative fresh method of therapy a go."

- M.W.



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