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BWRT in the Media

BWRT in the Media

BWRT in the Media

BWRT in the Media

BWRT has been featured many times in various media, some of which are listed here. 



The Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, BACP, October 2022: Mind the Gap


Metro How to get over a fear of flying – from someone who did it


Wellbeing Magazine Two simple tricks to fall asleep easily


Muscle and Health magazine (print) – 22 August 2022 – BWRT-NET has been featured as a new fitness trend to help you ‘think yourself fit’ in the fall issue of the global magazine.


Woman magazine (print) – 15th August 2022 – ‘We rewrote our lives after 50’ Kate Osmaston, a BWRT practitioner tells her story of how she finally feels able to live life to the full thanks to a little help with BWRT-NET'


Patient – How to deal with the death of a pet


Daily Express – Simple mind trick can help ‘stop muscles from wasting away’ – could it help arthritis?


National Council for Hypnotherapy magazine – review of the book ‘Reboot your life with BWRT’


Somerset County Gazette BrainWorking Recursive Therapy NET helps Taunton woman 


Financial Times ‘Until my mid-twenties, I was scared of the dark’


Men’s Fitness magazine Understanding PTSD, Who It Can Affect & How To Get Help


BBC CWR – Coventry Warwickshire – How Warwickshire mum and former police detective – Hannah Bailey overcame cancer diagnosis with BWRT. 10-minute interview with Letitia George


Daily Mirror ‘My cancer diagnosis was a relief as I could finally leave job which was killing me


Surrey Life magazine – BWRT & NET named as new wellness trends for 2022


Metro How to help a friend struggling with grief, according to the experts


Business Insider I tried a PTSD Therapy used by Police Officer to help process my friend’s death. It worked so much faster than I was expecting


Patient What is social anxiety and how can we spot its symptoms?


Daily Mail Have YOU got the summertime blues? Experts reveal Seasonal Affective Disorder is not just for winter.


Woman & Home New year anxiety may strike—these are the best ways to look after your mental health this January


MyLondon Overworked Met officers ‘feel like ticking time bombs'


Mashable #GriefTok allows TikTokkers to celebrate life and express loss


Bdaily Grand Union Housing introduces pioneering therapy to boost mental health of employees.


Business Mondays Milton Keynes Housing Group Offers Ground-Breaking Therapy To Support Employees’ Mental Health


Housing Digital Grand Union Housing introduces pioneering therapy to boost mental health of employees


Echo News Hullbridge couple who lost home in sea storm return to waters MK Citizen


MK Citizen Housing association offers special therapy to support employees’ mental health in Milton Keynes.


The Telegraph A little lie-down could be the burnout cure you’re looking for. Six common symptoms of anxiety often misdiagnosed as something else – when to see a doctor


Heath and Well-Being Magazine “How to overcome your phobia” – BWRT therapists share tips on overcoming your fears and Hannah Bailey, BWRT practitioner from Blue Light Wellbeing shares her story of how she overcame her fear of flying thanks to BWRT (page 116)


Your Healthy Living Magazine: Keeping your brain healthy. Terence provides tips on keeping your brain active to improve memory.


Summer SAD: "Does the hot and sunny weather make you feel a bit… miserable? This could be why"


Psychreg: New Course Aims to Build Resilience in Generation Z


Grazia: The BWRT® NET fitness programme featured in Grazia magazine May Edition (Page 81)


Thrive Global: “Articles By BWRT creator Terence Watts


OK Magazine: “How to overcome needle phobia ahead of your Covid vaccination after Prince Harry was teased for fear of injections."


Connaught Telegraph: “Mayo therapist uses pioneering therapy to help tackle mental health ticking time bomb


BDaily Business News: “Leeds health and fitness therapist sees 50% client increase


Metro: “Woman who ate frozen potatoes because she couldn’t wait loses three stone


Happiful Magazine: “How to tell a partner you want to attend therapy!


Metro: “What to do if you’re at risk of a mental breakdown


Metro: “Could people already have PTSD as a result of the pandemic?


Woman & Home Magazine: “Why can’t I sleep? An expert reveals what could be keeping you awake at night


In Refinery29: “The Surprising Benefits Of Warmth For Trauma Survivors


On UK's Channel 4 TV: "Steph's Packed Lunch"


In the Academic Publication: "The Bright Side of Shame"


Presented at the Biological Psychiatrists World Congress: "The Epigenetic Underpinnings of BWRT


Daily Mail: "Wipeout Lifelong Phobias"


The Mail&Guardian: "Thought Leader"


Top Sante magazine:"BrainWorking Recursive Therapy"


Wellbeing Magazine: "What is BWRT?" & "Phobas & Fears Cured Fast"


New Statesman: "BWRT In South Africa"


Metro: "Binge Eater" & "Covid PTSD" "BrainWorking Recursive Therapy"


Also Featured in

Woman and Home


Marie Claire

Globe Health News

& other publications



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