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BWRT in the Media

BWRT in the Media

BWRT in the Media


BWRT has been featured many times in various media, some of which are listed here:


On UK's Channel 4 TV: "Steph's Packed Lunch"


In the Academic Publication: "The Bright Side of Shame"


Presented at the Biological Psychiatrists World Congress: "The Epigenetic Underpinnings of BWRT


Daily Mail: "Wipeout Lifelong Phobias"


The Mail&Guardian: "Thought Leader"


Top Sante magazine:"BrainWorking Recursive Therapy"


Wellbeing Magazine: "What is BWRT?" & "Phobas & Fears Cured Fast"


New Statesman: "BWRT In South Africa"


Metro: "Binge Eater" & "Covid PTSD" "BrainWorking Recursive Therapy"


Also Featured in

Woman and Home


Marie Claire

Globe Health News

& other publications