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What BWRT Can Help You With

What BWRT Can Help You With

What BWRT Can Help You With

BWRT is a complete therapy system and can help almost all psychological problems. It is actually illegal for complementary medicine to state that a problem can be 'cured'... but with BWRT, it often feels exactly like that!


This list below covers many of the problems and situations we can help with but if something isn't listed, we can almost certainly still assist.


Please note: where there is a likelihood of your presenting issue being the result of a physical condition, a BWRT practitioner will require you to have received a medical consultation.


Anxieties and fears: including Generalised Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D>) and 'Free Floating Anxiety

All phobias: needles, spiders, daddy longlegs, wasps, bees, flying, driving, social phobia, darkness, weather, emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and more. 

PTSD: no matter how long ago it was or how recent, whether it was self-inflicted in some way or the result of an acident or violence.

CPTSD: where there has been prolonged duress and threat, or many different traumas over a long period of time, even years.


Depression: no matter how long you've had it or why it started, even if you feel it could never possibly be helped even a little.

Procrastination: if you always put things off until the last minute, we have a specialised system designed for exactly that problem.

Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge eating - again we have a specialised system for eating disorders.

Destructive Anger: although often associated with 'stuff' deep in the psyche, it can respond well to the right sort of therapy.


Relationship issues: all types of relationships, emotional, couples, family, career.

Habits and Addiction: Alcohol, hard drugs, soft drugs, all gambling, Social Media, etc.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): all forms, including hygiene, security, tidying, cleaning, intrusive thoughts, counting, and more.

Physical Performance: for sports, running, gymnastics, anything where physical skills are involved.


General life improvement: The BWRT PLUS programme is probably the most complete life-enhancement programme that ever existed!

Major Life Reset: a special programme for those who feel as if their whole life has been a mess forever and that nothing works for them.

Neural Manifestation: essentially an incredbly powerful coaching system which works in the background to help you find the life you want.

Financial problems: despite your best efforts, you're always broke... although it sounds unlikely, your mind can turn all that completely around!


Limiting beliefs: when you know before you start anything that it's just not going to work for you, this is the programme you need.

Insomnia: when doctors have suggested medication, the programme we have can let you stay a drug-free zone.

Chronic Pain: when doctors have advised that there is nothing else they can offer, psychological work can produce astonishing transformations.

Other Physical Conditions: there is often a strong psychological component to physical illness and that's where we can help.


How many sessions?

That's always difficult to answer, because it depends on the presenting issue. If it's straightforward fear of needles or spiders, for intance, then it might be just a single session. But for more complex issues, then more sessions will be needed - but BWRT has been shown to be one of the fastest and most effective therapies in the world. And you can rely on our practitioners to advise on the likely length of therapy.

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