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About Us

About Us

About Us


BWRT® Professionals are all professional therapy practitioners waiting to help you! They have all been thoroughly trained in the processes of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®. Every practitioner has to undergo a professional assessment as part of their training and they only appear in our practitioner search results after that assessment has been successfully completed. You can therefore be confident that whomever you consult with has been assessed as fully competent in the process and they will have a certificate that confirms this fact.


Banish Anxiety


Many practitioners find that none of the other therapies they have used in the past are as effective or speedy at resolving anxiety as is BWRT®. As a result, they often start to use it in preference to any other style of working. One of the best things about it is that you don't have to learn any special technique to control those anxious surges - it's all automatic so you don't even feel it!


It can help you permanently cope effectively with such situations as:


  • Fears and phobias - no matter how long you've had them they can fade away competely
  • Public speaking - you can get to feel like you're just talking to some friends
  • Social anxiety - you can qiuickly start feel totally comfortable and confident instead
  • Weddings, graduations or other 'public' events - they can all become enjoyable with just a session or two
  • Low self-worth - get to feel at least equal to all others
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder*
  • PTSD*


Get Rid of Stress


Stress, wherever it originates from, can often exacerbate physical conditions that create problems with sleeping and other bodily functions including bowel and stomach. Our practitioners are experts at working with all forms of stress and anxiety, and BWRT® could help you cope far more quickly and easily than you might ever have thought possible. Many clients discover that the stress recedes so far into the background that it's as if it no longer even exists.


Addictions, dependencies and obsessions


Addictions can be enormously difficult to overcome, and it can be almost impossible to get free and stay free without help. But our Level 2 practitioners have all received special training in understanding the psychological processes that may be the cause of such conditions.


It is important to note that we are not a medical organisation and for all addictions and dependencies, your practitioner will require you to have received a medical consultation and any 'detox' that is required before they are allowed to work with you.


Any of our practitioners will be happy to discuss your situation with you in total confidence to ascertain if they are able to help you.


Physical Illness


While we are not a medical organisation, we are committed to ensuring that our training equips our practitioners with the skills that are needed to help you cope with the psychological aspects of many physical conditions. So, while we are not a medical organisation and do not work directly with physical illnesses, our Level 3 practitioners can provide help to minimise the anxiety and distress that is so often a part of serious physical illness. 


In this way, you will be able to cope with physical ilness far more easily than you might have thought possible and we find that this allows conventional medical care to be more effective. It is well-known, for example, that anxiety hampers the immune system, the proper functioning of which is essential when it comes to restoring your body to full health.  To find a Level 3 Practitioner, type psychophysiology into the 'By details' search box here


BWRT is just as effective online or over the 'phone and most of our practitioners will be happy to work with you that way - so you can still have therapy without adding to any risk to health.


* prior medical consultation may be required for some conditions.



Looking for BWRT® training instead of therapy?

To find out how to train to be a BWRT® Professional Therapist, please visit our professional practitioner training site at


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