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Neurophysical Enhancement Training

Neurophysical Enhancement Training

Neurophysical Enhancement Training

BWRT-NET®: Neurophysical Enhancement - Training for your body!

As featured in the May 2021 edition of 'Grazia' magazine


This is the page where you can find a list of practitioners who have taken a special NET training to  help you use the power of your mind to help your body become fitter and maintain the best possible health. It's designed to help you towards a longer and more active life, as well as increasing your stamina and strength, with a corresponding improvement in ability in any athletic pursuits.


What is it?


Neurophysical Enhancement Training, as the name suggests, uses psychology to focus as many neurones in the brain and body as possible to enhance physical performance. Whether you want to get the best of out of a gentle jog around the park on a Sunday morning, run your best-ever time in a marathon, jump higher or further, or increase strength and endurance, this programme is designed to help you achieve just that. It will even benefit you if you really would prefer to do no exercise at all but want to maintain the best physical health you can.


So whether you're a self-confessed 'couch potato' or an avid athlete looking to hit peak form as quickly as it's possible to safely do, this programme is for you!


Physical Fitness - a Bonus


Much research has shown that in order to maintain good health, physical and psychological fitness is important - and the fitter you are, both physically and psychologically, the longer and more comfortably you are likely to live. This is partly due to the fact that when you combine good physical health with optimum psychological wellness, your body tends to maintain exactly the right levels of cortisol in your system. Too much puts a huge strain on your immune system, while too little can leave you feeling listless and unwell, and allow inflammation to increase throughout your body.


It's all to do with Telomerase, a hormone that repairs the Telomeres, the 'end caps' on DNA strands in your cells. The Telomeres shorten with every cell division and Telomerase is the repair solution... but stress destroys Telomerase, which is why people who have stress for years often look older than they are, and actually are often biologically older. (Have you noticed how quickly politicians often seem to age?) So anything that looks after your body's levels of Telomerase has to be a good thing - and that's what the BWRT® Neurophysical Enhancement Training is all about.


All the practitioners listed on this part of the site have special training to help you achieve optimum psychological fitness to get the absolute most out of any physical activities you do. You don't have to spend hours and hours sweating in the gym though - even if you do only a minimal amount of excercise, this programme will enhance the benefit. In fact, if you did no exercise at all, you would still get some benefit from this programme!


What does it entail?


The absolutely ideal situation would be:


  • You exercise for 150 minutes weekly (at any level.)
  • You do a mixture of resistance and aerobic exercise (resistance is usually with weights.)
  • you carry out the 10-minute Mental Workout your practitioner will give you, three times a week.
  • You see your practitioner on a fairly regular basis for continued improvement.
  • Your practitioner uses BWRT® techniques to help you cope with or alleviate unnecessary stress in your life.


The bare minimum situation would be:


  • You carry out a simple exercise at the beginning only, just to get the feeling of the muscles working but with no futher exercise.
  • In that case, you would need to carry out the 10-minute Mental Workout your practitioner will give you, every day.
  • You see your practitioner only four times to learn how to maintain fitness and then attend only if and when you feel like it.
  • Your practitioner uses BWRT® techniques to help you cope with or alleviate unnecessary stress in your life.


Of course, that bare minimum process isn't going help you become athletically fit - but it will help to keep you in better physical condition than if you did nothing at all! So you can be a couch potato and still get a bit fitter than you were! And maybe even live longer, too.


What's psychology got to do with it?


If you're now wondering what on earth psychology and BWRT® has to do with all this, the following is an excerpt from an article in the New Scientist magazine in the April 22, 2020 issue:


"A remarkable study by Brian Clark at Ohio University showed that you can build muscle just by using your imagination. His team used a surgical cast to immobilise the hand and wrist of 29 volunteers for four weeks. For 10 minutes a day, half the group sat still while imagining performing exercises with their immobilised hand. When the casts were removed, both groups had lost muscle strength in their wrists, but the group who had performed imaginary exercises lost 50 per cent less than the control group. The results suggest that mental workouts strengthen pathways in the brain that control muscle movements, which later translates into greater command over the target muscles, increasing their strength."


The Mental Workout your practitioner will give you is far more powerful than the simple imagination exercise those participants in the experiment were using - and you will be able to feel the evidence that it is working immediately you have conducted it! Of course, the Mental Workout on its own will not be likely to create huge improvement in your fitness levels but it will keep you as fit as it is possible for you to be without physical exercise. But add even just a moderate amount of physical exercise during the programme and you'll really begin to see the benefits!


PLEASE NOTE: Your practitioner will need to ascertain your weight/height ratio, your blood pressure, heart rate and ideally your blood oxygen levels to ensure that there are no contra-indicators for this programme. If in doubt, you are strongly advised to have a physical health check before embarking on this programme.

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